ACEs in Youth Justice

Discussion of Transition and Reentry issues of out of home (treatment, detention, sheltered, etc.) youth back to their families and communities. Frequently these youth have fallen behind in their schooling, have reduced motivation, and lack skills to navigate requirements to successfully re-enter school programs or even to move ahead with their dreams.

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Boost Education for Youth in Solitary With Books, Workbooks, Graphic Novels, Audiobooks []

Advocates often urge the dismantling of the school-to-prison pipeline. But for many of our youth, prisons are already their schools. In 1954, Brown v. Board of Education first demonstrated that “separate but equal” is an unacceptable doctrine within our school system. Yet the doctrine of separate and unequal continues today through the placement of a disproportionate number of minority students and students with disabilities in youth detention facilities, where they receive educational...

Minnesota Wrestles with Foster Care’s Role in Breaking up Black Families []

On Dec. 3 , a 28-year-old black mother lost her parental rights to her four children – ages 1 to 9 – in a Minnesota courtroom, just outside the Twin Cities. Instead of opening presents with their mother, the children spent Christmas with a white family two hours away. Across the country, black parents – like this mother, whom we will call Jane R. to protect her privacy – are more likely to lose custody of their children than their white, Asian and Latino peers. While African Americans...

The Importance of Connection | Alissa R. Ackerman | TEDxCSULB ( & Commentary

Cissy's note: The TedTalk below is given by one of my good friends, Alissa. When she first told me about the restorative justice work she was doing with Dr. Jill Levenson, speaking with convicted of sexual offending, where she shared about her experiences as a survivor of sexual assault, (aka, without her "professional shield," as she says), I was concerned. Was it safe, wise, and helpful? What would the impact be on her? Part of me felt that it's not the place of survivors to help...

Why Does Gavin Newsom Want to Move Juvenile Justice Out of the Department of Corrections? []

While visiting a youth correctional facility in Stockton on Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his administration will begin legislation to move the California Division of Juvenile Justice out of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (the same agency that oversees adult prisons) and into the Health and Human Services Agency. Currently, 20 states place juvenile justice under their health or child welfare agencies, 18 have independent juvenile justice agencies, and...

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Looking for Juvenile Justice Curriculum

Hi All, I'm new to this. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I teach a life skills class in a small juvenile detention facility and would love to incorporate resilience and ACES into my lesson plans. Does anyone have suggestions of a curriculum I could use with my youth to teach these things? So far I've looked a little bit at Why Try and Seeking Safety but I am definitely open to other suggestions. Thanks!Read More...
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