ACEs in Youth Justice

Discussion of Transition and Reentry issues of out of home (treatment, detention, sheltered, etc.) youth back to their families and communities. Frequently these youth have fallen behind in their schooling, have reduced motivation, and lack skills to navigate requirements to successfully re-enter school programs or even to move ahead with their dreams.

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Everyone Studying Juvenile Justice Must Read This Important Book []

Hallelujah! It’s about time someone wrote a book that informs readers about the unadulterated truth of how we treat kids in America. It isn’t flattering, and worse, the future doesn’t look promising despite reform movements peppered across our nation. In his book “ The Evolution of the Juvenile Court: Race, Politics, and the Criminalizing of Juvenile Justice ,” Professor Barry C. Feld employs a historical approach coupled with a prolific blending of artistic and technical prose to convey...

Coalition for Juvenile Justice, National Juvenile Justice Network Recognize 5 People []

Both the Coalition for Juvenile Justice and National Juvenile Justice Network are recognizing the people who achieved the most in the past year. The CJJ gives its awards to inspiring individuals who honor its core mission to improve the lives of children, families and communities nationwide. They will be presented this week in Washington, DC, at its annual conference. This year’s Spirit of Youth Award goes to Amanda Clifford of California. It’s given to celebrate young adults under 28 who...

Why So Many Formerly Justice-Involved Young Adults Are Homeless & What We Need To Do About It []

According to a recent series of research briefs on youth and young adult homelessness by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, in the U.S., 1 in 10 young adults, or 3.5 million young people ages 18-25, experience homelessness in a year. Of that 3.5 million (73%) are homeless for one month or more. For those young adults, homelessness means a variety of experiences, ranging from sleeping outdoors, or in abandoned buildings, or in emergency shelters, to sleeping in cars, or “couch...

Dayonn Davis Stole a Pair of Nikes. He’s Going to Prison for 5 Years. Why? []

This column was originally written for . Dayonn Davis was 15 when he committed a crime that would get him tried in court as an adult. A Facebook sale of a pair of Oreo Nikes, priced at around $100, went sour when the Columbus, Georgia teen attempted to steal them. Without the knowledge of Davis, a friend pulled out a pistol and everybody ran. Reluctantly, Davis finally gave up the name of his armed friend, but the victim could not pick him out of a lineup. For that 2016 crime,...

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Looking for Juvenile Justice Curriculum

Hi All, I'm new to this. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I teach a life skills class in a small juvenile detention facility and would love to incorporate resilience and ACES into my lesson plans. Does anyone have suggestions of a curriculum I could use with my youth to teach these things? So far I've looked a little bit at Why Try and Seeking Safety but I am definitely open to other suggestions. Thanks!Read More...
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