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A Black flight attendant shared an unexpectedly uplifting exchange with a white Fortune 500 CEO (

Sometimes a random encounter turns out to be not so random at all. JacqueRae Hill, a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, shared one such encounter on Facebook . She said that her heart has been heavy with everything going on, which is especially hard hard when your job is to put a smile on people's face. But something happened on a recent flight that lifted her spirits. She wrote: "As we are boarding my first flight of the day I smile and I greet people when they come on and a man was...

Commentary: Why so many black Americans are dying from COVID-19 and how to make health care equitable (

Evidence suggests that during the early phase of the coronavirus pandemic, blacks are suffering the greatest death rates compared to all other ethnic groups. Why? I can assure you that the coronavirus does not discriminate based upon skin color or ethnicity. Instead, it has a predilection for populations with the highest rates of chronic diseases, poor access to health care and too little information from trusted sources. For decades, the National Medical Association — which represents more...

How I Can Offer Reparations in Direct Proportion to My White Privilege (

I had a fascinating breakfast conversation with my 11-year-old daughter a few days back. The nigh before I had a fitful dream - one that was short on plot and imagery, but chock-full of emotion. In this case, the feeling was of a deep, immovable sorrow. When I awoke, it didn't take long to recognize that the article I'd been working on - this article - was definitely working on me, too. During breakfast I knew my daughter could tell I wasn’t on solid ground. She’s a sensitive soul, and I...

EVENT: Cost of Darkness Documentary Preview on 5/30

Message from Sandy Holman, Director of The Culture C.O-.O.P, : Please join The Culture C.O-.O.P. virtually, this Saturday, May 30th, from 2-4pm to preview our Cost Of Darkness Documentary done in collaboration with UC Davis Students, nationally and internationally renowned experts, courageous community activists, families, and communities nefariously impacted by entrenched, “dark skin,” racism, supremacy ideology, systemic oppression, injustice and insidious inequity,...

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