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The Intersection of Systematic Racism, the Pandemic, and SDoMH: Reality Mandates Change

Systematic racism is at the core of mental health disparities and social determinants of mental health (SDoMH).Upstream factors obstruct patient access to needed and appropriate assessment, timely intervention, with treatment for these populations often reflecting poorer quality, and ending prior to completion of treatment. COVID-19 and the recent pandemic have only amplified meso and micro-level gaps in care. considered, provided, and reimbursed.

The Impact of Inequity & COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Black Youth [WUCF - PBS]

The Impact of Inequity & COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Black Youth View the video program HERE In 2020, the threat to the physical and mental well-being of Black youth is especially high. COVID-19 and acts of police brutality nationwide have increased the stress and sense of social isolation young Black people experience. Additionally, according to the Congressional Black Caucus, the rate of suicide among Black youth is rising faster than any other racial/ethnic group. Together, these...

The Connection Between ACEs and Food Insecurity [PBS]

Steve Adubato speaks with Mark Dinglasan, Executive Director, CUMAC, about the mission of the anti-hunger organization, social determinants of health, and the long-term impact of adverse childhood experiences on children and how they are connected to food insecurity.

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