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2 New Communities Join ACEs Connection: March 2020

Please welcome these two new communities to ACEs Connection . ACEs & African Americans ACEs Connection at Boston University School of Public Health (MA) ACEs & African Americans This group is focused on the descendants of Africans dispersed throughout the Americas during the Transatlantic Slave Trades. Topics include adverse childhood experiences, historical trauma, intergenerational transmission of trauma, African American parenting practices, health disparities, the effects of...

ACEs & African Americans Community on ACEs Connection

ACEs Connection envisions a resilient world where ALL people thrive. We are an anti-racist organization committed to the pursuit of social justice. In our work to promote resilience and prevent and mitigate ACEs, we intentionally embrace and uplift people who have historically not had a seat at the table. ACEs Connection celebrates the voices and tells the stories of people who have been barred from decision-making and who have shouldered the burden of systemic and economic oppression as the...

Trauma-Informed Practice Is a Powerful Tool. But It's Also Incomplete []

By Simona Goldin & Debi Khasnabis, Education Week, February 19, 2020 Science has a pernicious history of doing violence to communities of color. Examples abound: Consider the infamous Tuskegee study in which the U.S. Public Health Service spent decades withholding treatment from hundreds of African-American men suffering from syphilis. Or consider more recent research that shows that doctors, informed by discredited theories of racial difference, are significantly less likely to...

ACEs Connection Staff Speaks on the Importance of Community Building at Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference

Educators from across the country and around the world in Atlanta today at the Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference were invited to learn more about the importance of building cross-sector communities in their towns, cities, and states by ACEs Connection staffers Lara Kain and Carey Sipp. ”People have to be willing to make a safe space for communities to come together to build community,” said Kain, who is the Southern California Community Facilitator, stressing the importance of doing the...

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