ACEs Connection Staff Speaks on the Importance of Community Building at Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference


Educators from across the country and around the world in Atlanta today at the Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference were invited to learn more about the importance of building cross-sector communities in their towns, cities, and states by ACEs Connection staffers Lara Kain and Carey Sipp. 

”People have to be willing to make a safe space for communities to come together to build community,” said Kain, who is the Southern California Community Facilitator, stressing the importance of doing the work in a trauma-informed way. 

“How we do the work is how the work gets done,” said Lara, speaking about the importance of including all sectors, from education to healthcare, law enforcement to members of communities of faith. "Inclusion is key. Bringing people together in community is how the work gets done,” said Kain.

Carey Sipp, Southeastern Regional Community Facilitator, spoke on how to leverage the ACEs Connection website and resources — specifically the organization’s Growing Resilient Communities framework to know the step-by-step actions to bring communities together to prevent childhood trauma, help heal childhood trauma, and build community resilience. 

The Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference: is hosted by the Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. (ATN). It is a yearly conference to give all educators - teachers, administrators, and school personnel - as well as other child-serving professionals, community leaders, and parents an opportunity to explore the importance of trauma-informed care for in schools and other child-serving environments. Through the ACEs studies and neurological research, we now know how significantly early trauma impacts a child’s ability to learn and develop and the importance of addressing the complexities of childhood trauma in schools.  

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