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Doulas & Covid-19: A toolkit for doulas (DONA International)

Please the attached toolkit for more information. From the toolkit: Best practices when working with clients Given how new this virus is, we currently have very little data on how it might affect pregnant people and newborns. Guidelines from the CDC outline recommendations for how to support pregnant and laboring people with Coronavirus. (3) There is currently no evidence that the virus is spread from mother to baby in utero, or that it is transmitted in human milk. (4)

The Benefits of Paid Maternity Leave for Maternal and Child Health (Psychology Today)

By Richa Bhatia, MD, March 11, 2020, Psychology Today New research reviews the benefits of maternity leave. About 23 percent of employed women in the U.S. return to work within 10 days of giving birth. An evidence-based review published in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry earlier this week, which was authored by my team and I, shows that paid maternity leave is linked with significant physical and mental health benefits for mothers as well as their children. [ Please click here to read the...

‘Becoming a mother broke me’: For a woman collecting pandemic postpartum stories, the work is personal (Washington Post)

By Theresa Vargas, March 25, 2020, Washington Post Ariane Audet grows quiet on the phone. She is usually the one posing questions about motherhood, and now, she’s not sure how to answer one I’ve asked her. What do you think would have happened if you had to give birth now? She stays silent for so long that I glance at my phone’s screen to make sure we didn’t get disconnected. “I’m afraid to say it,” she finally says. “But I don’t know if I would still be alive.” Three years ago, Audet gave...

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Is the lack of access to diapers impacting, children or families you know? If yes, please share what the lack of diapers looks like - excoriated bottoms, infection, irritability, etc. This question is seeking to better understand if / how / etc limited access to (costly!) diapers impacts families. Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Thank you, KarenRead More...
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