28,000 LA preschoolers are learning how to be better humans [scpr.org]


I don’t want to be your friend. Stay away. I’m not going to share with you.

These harsh statements are "very normal to hear at the beginning of the school year," for preschool teachers like Rafaela Campos. To push past those moments of mean, she and more than a thousand other early educators in the Los Angeles Unified School District now have a new tool.

This school year, all 86 of the early childhood centers in the district started using a program called Sanford Harmony, which provides structured activities to help kids develop socially and emotionally. That means more than 28,000 kids in preschool and transitional kindergarten are getting hand-on training in how to build friendships, be empathetic and self-aware starting at the age of four.

"Those are all kind of skills that we don’t necessarily put a number to but we notice them in adults when they lack those skills," said Dean Tagawa, executive director of early childhood education at LAUSD.

[For more on this story by Priska Neely, go to http://www.scpr.org/news/2018/...ning-how-to-be-bett/]

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