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Do You Have a Story to Tell? Speak at the 2018 Fall Trauma-Informed School Conference


Beyond Consequences is excited to announce that our Call for Proposals for the 2018 Fall Trauma-Informed School Conference has been extended.

If you have a great story to share about your experience in working with students who’ve had adverse childhood experiences, we would love to hear from you!

Here are some examples of sessions that fit in at our nationally recognized conference:

Administrative/School-Wide Track
• Mindfulness Instead of Suspension
• Special Education Law & Advocacy
• Creating "Buy-In" at a School-Wide Level
• Trauma-Informed Policies and Procedures
• How to Develop a Strong Leadership Team
• Writing a Regulatory-Based IEP
• How to Implement This at a School-Wide
• How to Hire the Right People for the Job
• Reducing School Violence

Classroom/Strategy Track
• Self-Regulation Strategies - Elementary
• Self-Regulation Strategies - Secondary
• Sensory Processing Disorder and Trauma
• Teaching Emotional Expression
• Addressing Foster & Adopted Children's Needs
Bad Behavior vs. Trauma Reactivity
• Creating a Calm Room
• Teaching Social Interaction Skills
• The Link Between Nutrition and Behavior

All the information on how to submit a proposal to be considered is available right here:

Proposals are due by May 22, 2018. We hope to see you in Sacramento!


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