Five Ways to Help Kids Manage Frustration []


When parents hold their newborn infants, they naturally want what’s best for them. They want to protect them, nurture them, and give them all the opportunities to have a happy life. At the same time, however, children must learn to cope with frustrations and disappointments.

Luckily, there are frustrations from the very beginning of life, such as when babies want a bottle and have to wait even a few minutes while you are preparing it. Later, as toddlers, they have to wait until they can get to the bathroom or they may need to adjust to sharing you with a newborn sibling.

Learning to manage and overcome frustrations builds resilience—but it can be hard for parents to stand back and let children cope on their own. In our book, Raising Independent, Self-Confident Kids, we outline strategies for surviving tears or tantrums when you have to say “not yet” or “no,” while still being supportive and nurturing. Here are five of them.

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