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Helping Parents Develop Positive Relationships with their infants to toddlers (National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence,NPEIV).


Zero to Three Resource- extracted from website and with discussion text by Karin Hecht (September 14, 2018)


Bonding activities between parent and child can be a great way to help a child’s development and strengthen the relationship.  The Zero to Three website has great resources for child-centered activities to help little ones learn and grow.


One particularly useful resource for parents and care providers are a collection of stage-by-stage age-based tips and what to expect as your baby reaches each new developmental level.



Birth to Three Months

What Your Baby Can Do

What You Can Do

I am getting to know you and the other people who love and care for me.

Engage with your baby through talking, singing, and cuddle time

I am learning how to tell you what I need.

Learn and respond to your baby’s signals.

I am beginning to use my body to make things happen.

Observe how your baby is discovering his body.

We are becoming closer every day.

Comfort your baby when he cries.




Each stage includes information on what you can expect, multiple activities to assist the child in their development, and detailed tips for how best to deal with behaviors typical of that age range.



30-36 Months

What Your Toddler Can Do

What You Can Do

My body helps me do “big kid” stuff now!

Give your child chances to practice more advanced physical skills.

I use language to express my thoughts and feelings.

Ask questions that require more than a yes-or-no answer. Be patient with your child’s “Why?” questions.

I am using my new thinking skills to solve problems.

At dinnertime or before bed, talk with your child about her day.

My friends are very important to me.

Help children deal with conflicts around sharing and turn-taking, and teach differences among people.




For the complete collection of full tips and printable handouts, check out this resource on the Zero to Three Website at

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