ACEs in Early Childhood

Identify and promote practices that build child caregiver capabilities and improve child outcomes including: the impact of childcare business decisions; building child caregiver skills and resilience; child caregiver turnover; child caregiver ACE histories and healthy boundaries in the workplace.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom Workshop- Apr 2 - May 7


"I love how interactive this workshop is and how open and honest we were allowed to be. I felt respected as an educator and human, and I feel empowered and encouraged..."  Elementary School Teacher

This Positive Discipline in the Classroom 5-week workshop gives educators tools to create a classroom and school environment where students feel encouraged and engaged in learning, solve their own friendship issues, and feel a sense of connection and value. As an educator you will feel a sense of accomplishment and find your “calm” once more. Positive Discipline is taught through a trauma-informed lens. After completing the entire workshop, you will be a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator.

CEUs are available.

Early Bird Registration of $375 is avail until Friday, March 16!
General Registration $425
Sound Discipline Schools Registration $300

Join us at Cascade Elementary School in Renton, WA.

Registration link -  

More information on Sound Discipline is available at


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