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Reminder: Live Chat with Donna Jackson Nakazawa


"It's really not survival of the fittest - it's survival of the nurtured." 
Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Topics to be Covered: 

  • Parenting with ACEs. What parents need to know.
  • Affordable self-care for stressed and busy parents. 
  • Healing from ACEs & family wellness.

How to Attend Online Chats:

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Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an winning researcher, writer and public speaker on health and family issues. She explores the intersection between neuroscience, immunology, and the deepest inner workings of the human heart. Her most recent book, Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal, examines the lifelong consequencesβ€š both emotional and physical - of adverse childhood experiences and offers readers suffering from chronic conditions a window to healing.

Donna's other works include The Last Best Cure (Hudson Street Press / Penguin, 2013), which chronicles a year-long journey to test a variety of mind-body therapies in order to unlock the restorative powers of the brain and The Autoimmune Epidemic (Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, 2008, 2009), which investigates the causes of a growing environmental health crisis.She is also the author of Does Anybody Else Look Like Me?: A Parent's Guide to Raising Multicultural Children (Perseus, 2003). More about Donna Jackson Nakazawa and her work. 

Links to Past Chat Transcripts & After Chat Blog Posts:

If you have questions about how to find or attend a chat, please contact Cissy White at


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