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Videos for parents from Positive Parenting in English and Spanish


·        Ready to Learn: It's More Than the ABC's!: Social psychologist, Kristin Moore, PhD, and colleagues find that school readiness goes beyond knowing letters and numbers. They studied parents' self-reported information from the National Survey of Children's Health for kids ages 3 to 5 and found that preschoolers are better prepared to enter school when they are physically healthy with access to nutritious, balanced meals and when they get adequate sleep (10 to 13 hours a day). During the pandemic, Moore says that parents can coordinate Facetime or Zoom calls with family and friends, so kids can continue to connect with others.

·        Bedtime Routines that Work!: Research finds that bedtime routines are vital for getting adequate sleep. Yet, only about 65 percent of families in the United States report engaging in a routine five or more times a week. A new article finds that certain nightly habits before bed can help children with sleep, including providing children a healthy snack; hygiene practices, such as bathing and brushing teeth; and reading, singing, and physical contact, such as massaging or cuddling.

·        Routines and School Readiness

·        TV Time Hurts Preschoolers' Sleep

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This is fantastic! I found the option to toggle to the Spanish version at the top of the articles. This is great content that we will share in our next family newsletter. Thank you for posting!

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