Would you send your kids to school in the woods? [LOUISVILLE COURIER JOURNAL]


This Kentucky classroom has no computers, toys or walls. Instead, students are surrounded by an abundance of oak and maple trees and a bubbling creek. In the spring, butterflies and honey bees are their constant companions. 

On a cold day in early winter, a woodpecker chatters away on an old tree branch overhead and nearby, the soft crunching sound of squirrels can be heard bounding through fallen dried leaves.

You might not know it, but you're in the middle of a classroom. 

"We're Louisville's first forest preschool," said Ryan Devlin, director of Thrive Forest School at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve. "We're outside all day, every day, rain or shine or snow." 

He's not kidding. 

The pint-sized troupe of 10 kids who attend the school range in age from 3- to 6-years- old. With their tiny arms and legs well-guarded against the chilly morning air in snow pants and jackets, warm mittens, hats, and waterproof boots, they look like ducklings waddling down the forest path on their way toward the outdoor classroom.  

Click HERE to read the full article, written by Kirby Adams.  

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