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PACEs in Early Childhood

October 2020

Our Outdoor School: A Place of Hope, Joy & Resiliency (Jewish Boston)

By Lucy Banerji, October 22, 2020, Temple Shalom of Newton Nursery School. We believe that nature and an outdoor education are a wonderful platform for learning about Jewish ways of living Reopening schools requires brave and careful thinking. Here at Temple Shalom Nursery School, we have found our courage in the wisdom of Jewish tradition and its core values: community, resilience and joy. We believe that nature and an outdoor education are a wonderful platform for learning about Jewish...

What Happens Before College Matters []

By Madeline St. Amour, Inside Higher Ed, October 20, 2020 Higher education is not the root of all equity gaps. But it can be a vehicle to lessen those gaps. Historically, it has not been. Equity gaps between students based on their race, ethnicity and income persist and thrive at most institutions. For Black students, simply accessing higher education remains difficult, particularly at four-year colleges. At some institutions, including public flagship and research universities, access has...

It’s impossibly hard to be a baby or toddler in some parts of the country []

By Jackie Mader, The Hechinger Report, October 6, 2020 In California, almost 27 percent of eligible families with children under the age of 18 do not receive food stamps, compared with just 2 percent of such families in Tennessee. In Mississippi, more than 76 percent of children under the age of 3 do not receive a critical screening for developmental delays, nearly twice the percentage of children who go without in Minnesota. And in Texas, nearly half of low-income women lack health...

Trauma-informed daycare will be first in Canada (Vancouver Sun)

By Glenda Luymes, October 3, 2020, Vancouver Sun. Young children who have experienced trauma, such as abuse or living in a refugee camp, will receive "wraparound" services at the daycare Canada’s first trauma-informed daycare is expected to be a safe space for young children who have experienced trauma. The United Way is raising money to complete construction of Little Phoenix Daycare in Victoria, said Mark Breslauer, CEO of United Way Greater Victoria. [ Please click here to read more. ]

Trajectories of peer victimization in elementary school children: Associations with changes in internalizing, externalizing, social competence, and school climate (Journal of Community Psychology)

Paweena Sukhawathanakul PhD , Bonnie Leadbeater PhD , First published: 29 April 2020, . Abstract. The current study examines the developmental changes (internalizing and externalizing symptoms, social competence, and experiences of school climate) in children who follow distinct trajectories of peer victimization in a sample of elementary school children across 2 years. Data were from children, and their parents and teachers, in Grades 1–3 followed across...

Even when the smoke clears, schools find student trauma can linger (Lake County Record Bee)

By Carolyn Jones, September 29, 2020, Lake County Record Bee. Schools can serve as a hub for an entire community after a disaster, experts say For some students, the fire is only the beginning. The nightmares, the grief and an all-consuming dread can persist for months or even years. That’s what teachers and school employees have observed among students in California’s fire-ravaged areas, especially Sonoma and Butte counties, where deadly wildfires have struck repeatedly in recent years.

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