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The Effects of COVID-19 on Early Childhood Development and Education


From Zero to Three:

Our panel of thought leaders will discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on early childhood development.  From their vantage point, we will hear what was not surprising to them, as well as what was unexpected.  We will explore how this public health and economic crisis has challenged the early childhood ecosystem and learn what actions all of us; whether we are educators, program directors, appointed officials, elected officials or caregivers can take to prepare for post-COVID impacts on the systems supporting families, communities and early education.  

Over the last 16 weeks, tens of millions of families and their children have experienced:

- School closures (eLearning vs. traditional)
- Food insecurity
- Parental job loss
- Social (physical) distancing
- Anxiety over illness
- Community responses to systemic racism 

We will discuss what strengthens resiliency and the innovations that excite us the most, as well as how Governors around the country are responding.   Lastly, we will begin to reimagine systems designed to support the outcomes we seek. 

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