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Trauma-Informed Support from Afar for Head Starts


Trauma-Informed Support from Afar for Head Starts

Head Starts across the country are wrestling with two major challenges:
1. Create new trauma-informed programming
2. Provide critical family services from afar

Ready4K can help. The new Ready4K Trauma-Informed program is specifically designed to buffer the effects of trauma through TEXT MESSAGES. We reach families wherever they are with activities that build the Five Protective Factors during COVID-19 and beyond.

Join the webinar to follow Rebecca Honig, director of content, as she explores questions many Head Starts like yours are wrestling with, including:

1. What are the Protective Factors and how do they relate to our work with families?
2. How do you share critical community supports when you can't meet with families?
3. What does it look like to provide trauma-informed support via text message?
4. How do you create trauma-informed solutions that will work today and after school resumes?

Q&A will be held at the end of the walk-through

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