Webinar: Leading Creative Expression Programs With Kids Across Unique Enviroments

This 1 hour webinar will introduce you to Art with Heart’s (AwH) model of creative expression programs, using four elements: priming, art activities, sharing, and discussion. Once you are familiar with this model and our therapeutic activity books and curricula, you can use them as a foundation for introducing creative expression as a coping strategy and tool to build resilience with kids in your unique program. During this webinar, you will experience a hand’s on art activity that will give you confidence using creative expression with kids right away. In addition, we will offer suggestions for how to adapt our resources when considering time and space limitations, specific topics you're addressing such as grief or life transitions, and more.


  • Learn how to use AwH’s creative expression resources with kids
  • Build comfort using various art materials and methods with kids
  • Understand how to adapt AwH's resources for the kids with whom you work

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