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Re: Healing with Yoga

Jocelyn Goldblatt ·
Yes! Yoga is such an important part of the solution to symptoms of ACEs - it's a great tool to include in the toolbox. <3 Thanks for posting this!
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An Invitation to Co-Create Change and Shift Your Mindset

Jessie Graham ·
We are not born “normal” or “disordered” or with a “disability” we “are born” and “we develop” in many different ways. Along our path of development we will encounter various influences and each individual will respond to those experiences differently. The brain actually continues to develop well into adulthood!
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Early childhood educators learn new ways to spot trauma triggers, build resilience in preschoolers

A hug may be comforting to many children, but for a child who has experienced trauma it may not feel safe. That’s an example used by Julie Kurtz, co-director of trauma informed practices in early childhood education at the WestEd Center for Child & Family Studies (CCFS), as she begins a trauma training session. Her audience, preschool teachers and staff of the San Francisco-based Wu Yee Children’s Services at San Francisco’s Women’s Building, listen attentively.
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Healing with Yoga

Jessie Wetmore ·
Did you know that yoga can reduce stress and heal the mind, body, and soul? Let me explain how yoga can prevent, treat, and heal Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and toxic stress. In my personal experience as a Sonoma County preschool teacher, I noticed many children, parents, and teachers in our program had very high levels of stress and anxiety. We all live busy lives and tend to focus on the next activity instead of the one at hand. So I decided to try yoga. I started doing yoga with...
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Helping Children Recover from Disasters

Bradford B. Wiles ·
As we consider the effects of trauma on children, major disasters, whether they are natural or manmade, can profoundly affect their development. Below are links to a research-based fact sheet (in English and Spanish) you can share with parents and other primary care givers: English Version Spanish Version These are also attached to this post.
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How "Sesame Street" is helping kids learn to cope with trauma [abcnews.go.com]

Laura Pinhey ·
Big Bird and his " Sesame Street " buddies are taking on a new mission: helping kids learn to cope with stress and trauma. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit offshoot of the long-running children's program "Sesame Street," launched the powerful new initiative, which was designed with the help of psychologists, the same week that the nation was rocked by the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The initiative includes materials for parents, caregivers and social workers, as well as...
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Simple & Fun Yoga Lesson Plan

Jessie Wetmore ·
I wanted to share an outline of my Yoga Lesson Plan that I do with my preschool class. It is easy and fun to do with any age group, especially on a rainy or cold day. If you are not familiar with yoga or yoga poses, there are millions of videos, tutorials, and charts that are available online. Preparation Move all furniture out of the way to create a large open space Implement some type of yoga mat or defined space for each child (carpet squares as yoga mats) Turn off or dim the lights Play...
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How to Use "Children Impacted by Addiction: A Toolkit for Educators" Thursday, November 1st @ 11 a.m. ET

Mary Beth Colliins ·
President & CEO Sis Wenger will address the plight of children living with addiction - an adverse childhood experience (ACE) often accompanied by additional ACEs - in their families, and its impact on their ability to be successful in school. A walk through the toolkit will be included. Register for the webinar here>> NACoA, in collaboration with Addiction Policy Leadership Action Network (APLAN), is proud to announce Addiction Policy Forum's release of Children Impacted by...
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Can Trauma-Informed Mermaids Help Children & Families? (New Kids Book Series)

Sarah E Clark ·
Dear ACEs in Early Childhood Community, We just launched a new trauma-informed children's book series called Venus and Her Fly Trip . The series has been developed in collaboration with therapists, educators, parents and healers and is designed to promote mental/social/emotional health, body positivity and imaginative play in kids 4-10 (so a little bit more for big kids!), with the ultimate goal of preventing self-hatred. I would greatly value hearing the feedback of the ACEs community on...
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43 Amazing Benefits of Child-led Free Play

Neve Spicer ·
Self-directed free play is vital for the healthy development of children. Here we see 43 science-backed benefits it brings.

Re: Can Trauma-Informed Mermaids Help Children & Families? (New Kids Book Series)

Hi Sarah, What do you think about writing a blog/story about your book - the intentions, who helped, the impact and your dreamy goal(s)? If you shared in this way on the main page, you’d get more views and responses. We welcome ACEs Connection members posting on our home page! Fingers crossed! Karen
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Resource: Guide for Early Childhood Development

Bonnie Berman ·
Healthy development in the early years of life provides the building blocks for lifelong health, educational achievement, and responsible citizenship. What can we do during this incredibly important period to ensure that children have a strong foundation for future development? This guide explains how children develop in their earliest years, why that time period is so important, and the practical ways we can support early childhood development (ECD) and improve outcomes for children and...
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Nurturing Children During Times of Stress: A Guide to Help Children Bloom by Yolo CAPC and YCCA

Natalie Audage ·
The Yolo County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) and Yolo County Children’s Alliance (YCCA) are excited to share Nurturing Children During Times of Stress: A Guide to Help Children Bloom. This guide for parents and caregivers, which we are launching during Child Abuse Prevention Month, contains tips and resources that parents and caregivers can use to promote resilience in their children and themselves. Nurturing Children During Times of Stress explains the effects of intense stress or...
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The Relentless School Nurse: Scotland as an ACE Aware Nation - Going on a Bear Hunt

Robin M Cogan ·
My venture into the #Twittersphere has taken me across the ocean to the lovely country of Scotland. While I have not yet had the privilege of visiting, I have connected with a pioneering group of people who have a collective goal to make the entire country ACEs aware. And guess what...they are succeeding in ways that America should take note and follow in their able footsteps. Imagine an entire nation of 5 million people becoming aware of childhood adversity and the impact on our health and...