ACEs in Early Childhood

Identify and promote practices that build child caregiver capabilities and improve child outcomes including: the impact of childcare business decisions; building child caregiver skills and resilience; child caregiver turnover; child caregiver ACE histories and healthy boundaries in the workplace.

ISO Trauma-Informed Child Care Programs


I was wondering if anyone is aware of a child care program that would consider themselves "Trauma-Informed"  -  implementing trauma-informed practices throughout their program.  

I'd like to reach out to them for an interview, with the potential of being featured in an upcoming publication.

Thank you!  


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Hi Suzanne,

I just found your post and I'd love to chat with you! I don't run a child care program myself but this is a key area of research and development for me! My team and I have created and are testing out Roots of Resilience: Teachers Awakening Children's Healing. It's designed specifically for child care providers & early childhood teachers working with children impacted by trauma. I also conduct related research to find ways to realize the potential of Early Care and Education to help young children and families to build resilience. The best way to reach me is



Hi Suzanne, Shannon, and Leslie - We're researching potential curricula to use specifically with Family Child Care Providers, here in California. Would Roots of Resilience and other references be tailored meet their needs as well? Also, do you know whether any of these qualify for IV-E federal funding/reimbursement?

Thank you, in advance

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