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ACEs in the Criminal Justice System

Discussion and sharing of resources in working with clients involved in the criminal justice system and how screening for and treating ACEs will lead to successful re-entry of prisoners into the community and reduced recidivism for former offenders.

Recent Blog Posts

Transformations of the Self: Learning From the Experiences of Returned Citizens Participating in Peer Mentor Support Training (Urban Social Work)

Abstract The integration of peer mentors with a history of incarceration is a strengths-based intervention, primarily emerging within large urban U.S. cities. The Credible Messenger Institute is an innovative training program that aims to prepare adults who were formerly incarcerated to mentor justice-involved youth. Through two focus groups, this study explored the change experiences of 11 peer mentors who participated in the 6-week training. Data analysis revealed five themes and one...

The pandemic is changing how we think about domestic violence, new survey shows (

Amid a pandemic that shined a harsh light on domestic violence , Californians are increasingly viewing these abuses as a pressing social issue, according to a new survey of nearly 2,000 adults. Two-thirds of Californians consider domestic violence a public issue rather than private family matter, and 91% of participants said domestic violence is a serious societal issue, the survey found. “This info has given some validation to things folks have been talking about for a long time...

ROBERT PRICE: The woman once known as W76337 is on a mission []

By Robert Price,, March 27, 2021 You might say Shawanna Vaughn got off to a bad start. Born in a California state women’s rehabilitation prison to a drug-addicted mother and assigned to the state foster care system as a toddler, her destiny must have seemed preordained. Books with first chapters like hers usually don’t end well. For a time, the arc of her young life had a hopeful trajectory. Her foster care experience in Bakersfield was fulfilling and positive, thanks mostly...

Making Space for Restorative Justice (

Over the past few years, statistics on how the U.S. justice system is failing its citizens have come fast and hard. With more than 2 million people detained in jails and prisons, we have the highest rate of incarceration in the world—a rate that’s increased 500% in the past five decades Possibly as many as 482,000 people currently held in local jails are there simply because they’re too poor to pay bail; they haven’t been convicted of a crime. African Americans are three times more likely to...

Ask the Community

Hello all, If you work with domestic violence victims, I would be grateful for your assistance completing a brief survey. I have decided to adapt my children’s book: "Monty's Day in Court: What to expect when you have to testify in court”, for children who may have to testify regarding domestic violence they have witnessed. Thank you valuable feedback and generosity in completing this survey: Thank you for the work that you do, Jessica Miles ...Read More...

Articles on ACEs in the criminal justice system

Hi, My name is Jónína and Im new to the ACE community, I am finishing my first semester in my master program in clinical psychology at Reykjavik University in Iceland. I stumbled upon this site and thought it might be a good idea to start a small discussion where we could share knowledge about ACEs in the criminal justice system. For my masters thesis I am going to write about ACEs in prison population in Iceland and look into quality of life and substance use. I am just starting to dig into...Read More...
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