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ACEs in the Criminal Justice System

Discussion and sharing of resources in working with clients involved in the criminal justice system and how screening for and treating ACEs will lead to successful re-entry of prisoners into the communityΒ and reduced recidivism forΒ former offenders.

Kindness in court: a novel approach []


By Victoria Greening, The Royal Gazette, August 14, 2020

I would like to consider a counterintuitive method of achieving crime reduction and disruption to the cycle of offending behaviour in Bermuda. This is as a follow-up to recent concerns raised in The Royal Gazette between August 4 and 7 when the lack of resources available to vulnerable and mentally unwell members of the community who end up caught up in the criminal justice system was addressed.

There has been a recent upsurge in understanding the biological science of the impact of childhood trauma on the developing brain and the adulthood, known as adverse childhood experiences β€” or Aces.

Much of the focus around the world has been on health and education, but increasing attention is turning to its relevance to the justice system. It is important, therefore, that lawyers become aware of Aces.

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