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We Are Here: Amber Casey on Teaching with Open Arms []

We believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of investing in the future by sharing those stories – whether they are stories of successful community ventures or lessons learned from stories of things you wish happened just a little bit differently. These are the stories of communities working together for the common good. This article is part of “We Are Here: Housing Insecurity in Cincinnati,” a series produced by Women of Cincy and originally published at...

Extra arts education boosts students’ writing scores — and their compassion, big new study finds []

When you’re the big fish, it’s not OK to pick on the little fish just because you can. That’s an important lesson for everyone. But some Houston first-graders got a particularly vivid demonstration in the form of a musical puppet show, which featured fish puppets and an underlying message about why it’s wrong to bully others. The show left an impression on the students at Codwell Elementary, according to their teacher Shelea Bennett. “You felt like you were in that story,” she said. “By the...

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Healing ACE's

David Kenney
February 11, 2019 ACE’s Connection Resource Center - ACE's in Education. To Whom it may concern, I am writing you this post as a past president of the Michigan Association of School Psychologists and adoptive father of two foster children with special needs. My wife, Barbara, and I have written two books concerning educating and raising abused and abandoned children. Because these books will be helpful to both parents and teachers I am posting this letter to education and parenting pages.Read More...

My daughter with severe anxiety/ k-12

Sharon Przybylski
Hi there ! My name is Sharon and I am desperately trying to get my daughter out of high school due to the trauma she has suffered. On top of having SEVERE anxiety , she was attacked at school and other girls have come out of the woodwork threatening her. I pulled her out of school and now I am trying to find a k-12 that will work with her IEP (which is due to her anxiety) as well as her ACES . Please someone help me !!! Thank you !Read More...
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Can Trauma-Informed Mermaids Help Children & Families? (New Kids Book Series)

Dear ACEs in Education Community, We just launched a new trauma-informed children's book series called Venus and Her Fly Trip . The series has been developed in collaboration with therapists, educators, parents and healers and is designed to promote mental/social/emotional health, body positivity and imaginative play in kids 4-10 , with the ultimate goal of preventing self-hatred. We will also be developing an elementary school curriculum to complement the story books. I would greatly value...Read More...