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1st Annual Trauma-Responsive Schools Conference


HERE this NOW is thrilled to announce its first annual Trauma-Responsive Schools Conference.  The event will take place May 9th-May 11th at The Woodbound Inn in Rindge, NH.  The event locale was selected for its central location in New England (2-hours from Boston, 3-hours from Portland, 4-hours from Albany).  

This conference experience will be unlike other conference formats.  Registration is limited to 40 participants to maximize psychological safety, depth of learning, and individualized attention.   This immersive 2-night, 3-day experience will equip trauma-informed champions with the knowledge and skills to shepherd trauma-informed change in their respective settings. 

Participants will be guided by experienced trauma-informed consultants Lara Kain and Emily Read Daniels, and special guest presenter, Jim Sporleder.  Participants will learn about the process and structure that guides cultural change, as well the principles, strategies, and practices of trauma-responsive schools.

The conference format and content was first piloted by Emily and Lara in the fall of 2018 with great success.  Participants universally rated the experience as "excellent"  and offered similar reflections: 

"This was an incredible journey of professional and personal growth.  Lots of application to so many areas of professional and personal life."  - Laura Thomas, trauma-informed coach, TREE, Maine

"I have attended many professional conferences and this far surpasses any of them.  The level of engagement, knowledge, and experience shared by the presenters is unsurpassed."  -Tracie Travers, JMG coach, Maine

"This was, by far, the most engaging, intentional and powerful training I have ever attended.  I have been working on TIC practices/understanding for a few years, but the depth and richness of this information was new."  - Julie Voelker, Principal, WISD, Michigan

Despite its success, Emily and Lara wanted to further enrich the conference experience by bringing in a voice of "lived experience."  Sporleder is credited with successfully leading one of the first "trauma-informed" school change initiatives in the U.S.  He is widely recognized as a trauma-informed schools pioneer and his work is featured in the documentary Paper Tigers

Emily and Lara invited Jim to participate in their conference offering and he gladly accepted.  This will be the first time Sporleder provides training in the Northeast.  

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