25 WAYS TO SAVE TIME & TAKE LESS WORK HOME (teach4theheart.com)


"So many teachers take home loads of work each night, yet others somehow find themselves going home empty-handed. What’s the difference? While you may be tempted to say this is due to laziness or a lack of effort (which, unfortunately, is sometimes the case), that’s not always true. Some teachers have really learned the art of being ultra-efficient while they’re at work…..so they can take less home."

"6. Focus on efficiency, not speed. If you’re anything like me, when you try to rush & get a task done quickly, you make mistakes. Then you have to go back and correct them, and you end up not saving time at all. In fact, often you end up taking even longer. Instead, focus on efficiency. Have a stack of grading? Try to be efficient – that means working at your maximum productivity. So be focused, don’t get distracted, and work to the best of your ability. But don’t rush."

"12. Get help from your students. Are you responsible to clean your room? Use the last minute of class to have your students pick up trash off the floor. Students also like to help with various classroom tasks….for me it’s always washing overheads (Yes, I still use an overhead projector…..it works.)"

"18. Get up a little earlier. Ahhhh, I know these are like the words of death. Get up earlier? Are you kidding me? I get up so early already! I know, I hear you. And I’ll be honest, while I was teaching I didn’t really do this, but since I’ve transitioned to staying home with my little one and writing, I’ve started to make this a priority, and wow has it helped me be more productive! Even just 15-30 extra minutes in the morning when you’re fresh can save you 30 minutes to an hour of work in the evening. The morning time is just so much more productive. So when your alarm clock goes off early & you want to hit snooze, imagine yourself relaxing on your couch that evening or getting to go to bed early."

To read the full list and/or listen to the full Teach 4 The Heart podcast, click: https://teach4theheart.com/25-...ss-work-home-part-1/

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