An Important Event for Anyone in Higher Education in the Philadelphia Region

The Need for Trauma-Informed Curricula at Institutions of Higher Learning: A Call to Action

On October 20th, Children's Crisis Treatment Center, The Philadelphia University Community and Trauma Counseling Program and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey are hosting a very special and important conversation for any one who is involved in training the next generation of service professionals - nurses, doctors, social workers, teachers, lawyers, community health workers and more. 

Abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, poverty and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have profound health, social and emotional consequences for individuals across the lifespan.  Research indicates that ACEs are common across cultures and socioeconomic strata, and yet few health and human services providers graduate from training programs with the competencies they need to address the impact of trauma and toxic stress.

 Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, Philadelphia University, and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey invite post-secondary leaders and faculty to join in the discussion regarding needed changes in professional training curricula that prepares a trauma-informed workforce.  Practical strategies and tools will be highlighted.

The event will feature Philadelphia ACE Task Force Co-chairs Sandra Bloom, MD, Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy, Drexel School of Public Health and Joel Fein, MD, Attending Physician and Director of Advocacy and Health Policy, Department of Emergency Medicine at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and will include the launch of a toolkit for incorporating trauma-informed and ACEs content into professional curricula developed by the Philadelphia ACE Task Force Work Force Development Group with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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we have been teaching two graduate level classes for teachers on trauma informed care for several years. As well as a ceu class for teacher recertification. We use our text Supporting and educating traumatized students, Oxford university press.

we have also been offering this class to all of the teachers working in the juvenile justice in the state of Ohio.

we would be more than glad to share syllabi or other resources if there is an interest

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