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Ancillary and Animating Products to Help Children Upon School Reopening


I have written an adult book titled (sadly but aptly): Trauma Doesn't Stop at the School Door: Strategies and Solutions for Educators, PreK-12.  It is available at Teachers College Press and Amazon as an ebook and paperback.   What I have now created, by popular demand, is a set of items that animate the trauma responsive suggestions within the book.

There are many concrete suggestions already within the book that are transportable to a reader's home institution and adjusted for culture and context and circumstances. But, there are other tools that can animate the book and that can be purchased to enable activation of the senses in the ways described and get at naming trauma, the principle of processing in place and the deactivation of the autonomic nervous system. These are all things that can be used -- and should be used -- at the start of school when reopening occurs (whether that is online, in person or in some hybrid fashion). 

These new items include a right priced word play book (published by Shires Press and released in mid-late August). This has tongue twisters and a myriad of other word games (spoonerisms) that children and adults can do. It also is effective to make Laugh2Learn a reality. Then there is a feeling alphabet activity set (constructed with Dr. Ed Wang) that works to name positive and negative feelings generated by Covid and racial tensions and uncertainty of our time.  This too will be right priced.  Then there are trauma responsive tool boxes can children can create or teachers can create with and for children. These come with an instructional guide as to contents and how to use what is in the box. These boxes can vary and should vary depending on the age of the children.

All of these items will be available by mid-late August. Details on acquisition to be furnished and pre-orders too. There will be group/school discounts.  Visit www.karengrosseducation for details soon.   Images appear here in this blog to whet your appetite.  And just to be clear: these are priced right and usable by schools and colleges to make the reopening of school -- in an environment filled with trauma -- more effective, smooth and responsive.


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