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Are you a Resilience Champion in your school?


Spring is the time for rebirth and new beginnings! After some much needed rest, we go back to the classroom for the last few months with our students. At Origins, we have been lucky enough to host a number of teachers (and their teams) just like you who want the best for the students and for the school. Their success starts with you! 

After completing the first round of The Resilience Champion Certificate of 2018, we have 23 graduates putting their action plans to work. Some settings that were chosen include classrooms, schools or communities, and even districts. Partnerships were forged to support the awareness-building and culture shift towards trauma-informed and resilience practices outside of the school with health care providers, faith-based groups, and local governments and municipalities. A cross-sector approach to finding solutions!

Hear more from our graduates below and from other trainees here:

 "This training has encouraged me to self-reflect and realize the experiences that I bring into the classroom have an equal effect as those that the students come in with. This is a process that has to be focused on relationships, communication, and connections with students, families, and staff. As a result of this course and other trauma trainings that we are being introduced to, there have been many conversations that have produced positive results among my colleagues and within my classroom among my students."

~Emily Nelson, IL

" I wish that our whole district could take this course. It really helped to remind me to keep really looking at the student and to not be discouraged and instead figure out different ways to help that student. Thank you for all that you guys have done for us!!! I really appreciate it. I have also really enjoyed reading all the other participants discussions as well. Very helpful as well as informative."

~Julie Langer, CA

Are you ready to take the lead? Join The Resilience Champion Certificate program as a group and receive a reduced rate for groups 3-5 people, 6-9 people, or 10+. 

This 6-week course utilizes a series of online sessions to teach the key concepts of taking a resilience-building and trauma-informed approach with the goal of overcoming the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and other sources of trauma. The topics apply to both personal and professional settings and can be used in a variety of environments including education, social work, law enforcement, administration, church, community groups, advocacy, families, the list goes on and on… 

Each week includes a self-paced online learning session (approximately 30-45 minutes) that includes video and discussion posts. We also offer opportunities to meet with a resilience coach one-on-one throughout the course. Each session covers content and incorporates activities and practical tools to support the everyday application of resilience practices. We also share concrete, cross-sector examples of interventions that have worked and real-life stories of resilience.

Through a combination of instructional, interactive, and experiential learning processes, Champions will leave with their own, personalized, translation of how to lead, in their setting, on a path to resilience.Origins Resilience Champion flyer


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