Attention Teachers! Resilience from a Brave Deaf Girl (Trauma & Recovery)


This story is based on my dear friend Opal Fleming born in 1931. I promised her before she died that I would get her story published. She wanted children to know about the schools for the Deaf and how American Sign Language became a well-known language today by being passed on by other Deaf people.

Opal was taken to the Oklahoma School for the Deaf by her father after he had learned about the school from a young Deaf man he had met on a train. The young man explained how he learned to read and write at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

I write the story to tell about a resilient, brave Deaf girl who became an inspiration to me and to many others through her perseverance, determination and thirst for knowledge.

When we share our stories
We share our love
Even in American Sign Language

This new serial story for your local NIE (Newspapers In Education) will help you to promote resilience in your classroom. Contact your local NIE coordinator and tell them about the new historical fiction serial story.

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