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California may start next school year sooner if coronavirus is under control []


By Alexei Koseff, San Francisco Chronicle, April 28, 2020

California schools could reopen this summer to help make up for a “learning loss” that early closures forced by the coronavirus pandemic caused this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday.

Schools typically start the academic year in mid- to late August, but the governor said that might be moved up to as early as July if the pandemic is under control.

“We recognize there has been a learning loss,” Newsom said at a news conference. “We are considering the possibility of an even earlier school year.”

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This could be problematic. I am sure that parents and the public in general will love the idea.  But it assumes that teachers, staff and administration have not been working since the closure began.  For most of us, this has meant longer hours and more challenging and frustrating work.  The teachers especially will need a break.  If they don't get one, we will have numerous issues with staff.  Furthermore, teachers in California are not 12 month employees. Those who receive 12 month checks do so only because they voluntarily request that pay be withheld for the two months that are unpaid each year.  I am not sure how the governor plans to manage a budget shortfall and asking for another 6 weeks of work from tired teachers. 

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