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Can Children Learn Nonviolent Communication?


In short, yes. But should they? And how?

The fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication include learning to express one's needs and feelings without blame and judgment.  We all know that children, especially when young, tend to be very open-minded and non-judgmental.  It is during childhood that we should be teaching children how to express their needs by giving them a full vocabulary.

In a recent workshop that The Relationship Foundation held, a participant, who had been incarcerated in his younger years, said that if only he had been given the vocabulary to express his emotions with something besides "bad" or "angry" that he may have been able to avoid so much heartache.  He said he never could have expressed the fact that he wasn't angry so much as he was, perhaps, afraid, discouraged, nervous, anxious, worried, scared, or even sad.  He now looks back and wonders what his life could have been with just a few more words added to his vocabulary.

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