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Community is at the root of inspiring change through film

I am posting this article in Aces in Education because of the emphasis on addressing ACEs through interconnected community services.  Education is one of the six areas of focus.  The film series starts on August 18th in Richmond Virginia.  If I lived closer, I'd love to go to this.  Are there any ACEs in Education members in Richmond? If so, can you contact me about your ability to go to this? I'd love to know more! 

Leisa Irwin

It takes communities to achieve justice

By Adrienne Cole Johnson, L.T. Moon, Ram Bhagat and Trey Hartt

Justice is a common theme throughout American history, with varying perceptions of goals and definitions along the way. While some may feel as though justice is alive and well, many, many citizens with a close pulse on the diverse communities of our country are identifying with a growing perception of the divide regarding just and fair treatment for individuals within the intersection of race, class, and culture.

Attempting to manage perpetual ongoing social problems that plague our communities, we struggle and have relegated to external institutions β€” which may be completely unfamiliar with the idiosyncratic characteristics of each community β€” the power to impose sanctions. This has ultimately led to community decline and to destabilization.

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