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Community X Empowerment for adult children impacted by a parents addiction



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Approximately 1/5 children (including adult children) have experienced their parent's addiction, so we KNOW that we are NOT alone in our experiences. But we also know that it can FEEL incredibly lonely. That's why we have created this series:

In this 3 part series, Samantha Wettje (16 Strong Project) and Agnes Chen (Starling's Community) share how the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study helped them to better understand their families experience with a parent's addiction which allowed them to be able to better use their strength and resilience to stop the cycle of trauma and start the journey of healing.

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Session description:

March 31, 2021: Really, we CAN heal ?.... but how?

If our experiences have taught us anything, it is that we are strong and resilient. But it can feel overwhelming to understand how to use that strength and resilience to move forward and heal. The healing journey looks different for all of us, so we can't tell you what that looks like, but what we can tell you is that we all already have what it takes to heal inside of us, sometimes we just need a little reminder and support in using it. In this final instalment, Agnes and Samantha, along with guest Pearl White Quills, will share what their healing journey has looked like, and will invite you to do the same. Come and share or simply listen, you are welcome as you are.


Who is this for: anyone 18 years old or over who has been challenged by a parent's addiction or who is interested in how a parent's addiction might impact a child (including an adult child).

Each session is 1 hour of facilitated engagement, with an extra 30 minutes for additional conversation/ peer support


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT group therapy, counselling, or Crisis Response. It is an informal educational opportunity with a peer support component as the facilitators have lived experience with parental addiction and mental illness. This webinar is for ages 18+, but is inclusive to ALL.


About the facilitators:

Samantha Wettje:

Samantha Wettje grew up in a home with a father who struggled with addiction and mental illness. Throughout her childhood, and specifically as a teenager, she felt that she was the only one who was going through this, that no one else would understand, and that it was her fault. She spent her teen years struggling to make sense of what was happening in her life. Today, Samantha is determined to ensure that the next generation of youth is equipped to understand and handle their adversity, and not suffer in silence. She founded the 16 Strong Project to work towards that goal by using her life experiences to support young people experiencing ACEs today.

Find 16 Strong Project on Instagram here

Agnes Chen:

Agnes Chen grew up in a home where a parent was challenged by mental illness and addiction, and despite their incredible resilience, she felt confused by the loneliness and lack of support in her experiences. Today, she hopes to empower our community to be better equipped to support children impacted by addictions and other ACEs, as well as hopes to be able to provide a sense of hope to those directly experiencing their parent's addiction. Now, she continues her own healing journey as a mom to 4 beautiful kids, as a registered nurse, and as the founder of Starlings Community.

Find Starlings Community on Instagram here

About guest: Dorvina Pearline White Quills: (Pearl) is a Blackfoot artist from Kainai and Siksika in Alberta.   Her passion for the drum allows her to facilitate the Buffalo Women’s Drum Circle through Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary and Calgary Women's Remand Centre.

Pearl's mission is to empower First Nations through all forms of artistry and utilizing her spirituality as the foundation, where she not only brings her passion out but gives others the opportunity to gain the same confidence to do the same. As she continues to grow with knowledge, her purpose steadily becomes the love and light that this world needs more of. As her healing  journey has been a lengthy one, she is all about encouraging other First Nations to follow the Red Road. Commitment to her Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) way of life, has given her a vision to plant seeds for all to develop their own journeys in finding their purpose. She believes that her role in the community is important and needed,  creating unity through sharing some of what she has learned.

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