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Echo’s conference this year is jam packed with exciting workshops for teachers, parents and anyone who works with children and their families. In addition featuring to the landmark work of Ron Hertel and Mona Johnson in Washington State, we are proud to present:

Attachment Trauma & Network Panel

 Workshop Spotlight:
What Parents Wish Schools Knew About Our Traumatized Kids

Are you struggling with a challenging child? Hearing the parents from Attachment Trauma Network (ATN) gives you a new perspective on what it is to love a child who struggles with the legacy of trauma. Anna Paravano, Marc Deprey and Julie Beem know the heartbreak and the joy that comes from parenting a child with Complex Trauma – the frankness, wisdom and enduring love of these parents will inspire you, as it has the other parents who form ATN
Dana Brown of ACEsConnection will be moderating the discussion, which seeks to give anyone working with children a better understanding of what is happening in the minds, hearts and bodies of a child who has experienced trauma. That ‘stink-eye’ could be labeled ‘defiance’ or it could be seen as the last exercise of power left to a child who learned what it was to feel powerless in the face of physical or emotional injury. The freaking out, the throwing of any item at hand, the fist through the wall could be judged as a dangerous instability and inclination to violence, or it could be better and more empathetically understood as a nervous system that has been so traumatized it is now set permanently on alert, with a hair-trigger response to stress, an easily-overwhelmed pre-frontal cortex, and a severely underdeveloped ability to self-regulate.
What do the parents of these children want YOU to know about working with their kids? Come to the workshop and learn more about how to become an ally for the children (and parents) of trauma.
You can register for this conference by clicking here. Get 10% off by using discount code aces10 at checkout. 

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