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Education Summit

The Attachment & Trauma Network’s 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit will feature 18 audio interviews (available as mp3 recordings) exploring the Trauma-Sensitive Schools movement and the latest in understanding the impact of trauma on learning. Teachers, therapists, administrators and parents will all find this series helpful in working with children of trauma.

Topics include:

  •   Re-Thinking Children’s Behavior...the Seismic Shift 

  •   The Importance of Top Administrators’ Leadership in Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools 

  •   The Heart of Early Learning 

  •   Teachers: Self-Care isn’t Selfish! 

  •   The Compton Case’s Impact on How Trauma is Addressed in Schools 

  •   Trauma-Informed IEPs 

Speakers include:

  • Ross Greene, creator of Collaborative & Proactive Solutions, author of Lost in School
  • Robert Hull, Ed.S., Trauma-informed school psychologist, author & educator

  • Susan Craig, author and career educator on teaching traumatized children

  • Heather Forbes, LCSW, Beyond Consequences Institute 

  • Dana Brown, Godwin Higa, and Dr. Audrey Hokoda from Cherokee Point Elementary School
  • Tim Purnell, Superintendent of Somerville School District

  • Melissa Sadin, MAT, M.Ed., Director of ATN’s Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Program
  • Cheri Reaves, MA.Ed, Points of Access, LLC 

 Here's ATN's lead trainer and experienced educator, Jen Alexander with a kick-off message for all of us!

Watch and register for the summit today.

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