Improving Traumatized Students’ Educational Outcomes by Shifting Away from Punitive and Towards Positive Discipline []


A Toolkit for Legislators, District Administrators, Principals, and Educators

This toolkit is designed to help stakeholders in our educational system advance current policies and practices in ways that will enable schools to better meet the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and youth who have been exposed to traumatic stressors.

To do so, this toolkit provides:

  • Relevant information on trauma and the development of children
  • Recommendations for policy and evidence-based practices that encourage system-level change
  • Guidance and resources to facilitate implementation



Micere Keels; Founding Director of the TREP Project Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago Contact:

A scan of the literature completed by University of Chicago students enrolled in an educational inequality course in the fall of 2017.

Thoughtful reviews and editing completed by TREP Project staff and doctoral research assistants.

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