LucidWitness: Increasing Public-Awareness of Developmental Trauma



 Photo © Daun Kauffman

LucidWitness now includes an "Index" to blogposts that increase awareness around trauma and development.

The new index provides links to excellent resources and references, as well as a narrative series of short (true) stories meant to be shared (one or two at a time) in social media.  

Growing awareness of the impacts of developmental trauma, with an emphasis on the intersection of developmental trauma and public education, is the overarching goal.

LucidWitness is designed to share with a broad, general public audience.

Individual posts help boost awareness and understanding of the brain science, effective education, the altered, defensive behaviors and classroom impacts.  The posts also highlight work that is being done around the country on trauma-informed practices in schools, social services and courts.

Click HERE for the LucidWitness Index and to access the series of  awareness-generating posts.




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This index is phenomenal Daun!  Thank you for your continued commitment to and passion for creating trauma-informed schools and being part of the solution in spite of, or perhaps because of,  the very hard work you do every day!