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CLEAR -- Collaborative Learning for Educational Achievement and Resilience, WA, USA

Source: Washington State University 

Description: CLEAR is a three- to four-year systems change process that targets individual professional practice of classroom teachers and school system staff to address culture and policies to support integration of trauma informed practices into the school environment. It aligns with more intensive services and empowers school professionals to support the high needs of students and families based on building resources and capacity in support of  Response to Intervention principles.

Schools: CLEAR is being implemented in schools in Washington State and California. A list is here.

Ages: K-12

Compassionate Schools: The Heart of Learning and Teaching, WA, USA

Source: Washington State Office of Public Instruction

Description: An initiative in Washington State, the program provides training, guidance, referral, and technical assistance to schools wishing to adopt a compassionate schools infrastructure in their classrooms and among their staff. The approach focuses on students chronically exposed to stress and trauma in their lives.

Ages: K-12


HEARTS Program: Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools, CA, USA

Source: University of California, San Francisco

Description: Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools. Developed by Joyce Dorado and Miriam Martinez at UC San Francisco. Used in pilot program in three elementary schools in San Francisco, and integrated with restorative practices in San Francisco Unified School District. 

Schools: HEARTS is working in schools in San Francisco Unified and Oakland Unified school districts, and in a collaborative project with CLEAR in schools in Oakland, CA, and Suisun Valley, CA. 

Ages: K-12

Lakeside Therapeutic Schools & Services, North Wales, PA 
Description: For struggling students, success is often an elusive dream and failure a painful reality. Lakeside’s brain-based, trauma-informed approach to serving young people alters that reality. When students perceive themselves as failures, they can react by withdrawing or acting out. Lakeside offers another option, one that leads to success today and in the future. Our therapeutic schools and services identify and address not only behaviors but also the real reasons students struggle and fail. We don’t ask, “What’s wrong with you?” The question is more often, “What happened to you?” Lakeside students learn successfully to take on the challenges they face. Our students realize hope and the possibility of altering and redefining the rest of their lives.

Based on over 40 years of experience supporting thousands of students in our therapeutic schools and services, Lakeside also trains professionals across the country and around the world in the brain-based, trauma-informed approach we use. This unique training not only focuses on trauma’s impact on the brain but also provides practical interventions and strategies that can help bring growth and healing to impacted areas of the brain. Lakeside offers a variety of options and packages and will tailor staff development to meet the specific needs of schools and organizations.

Sound Discipline, Seattle, WA
Description: Sound Discipline offers comprehensive programs that help educators connect with youth and address the root causes of challenging behavior. This results in lasting, measurable reduction in discipline problems and improvements in school culture. We train parent educators who offer families the tools to improve communication, reduce discipline problems, and build social-emotional skills at home. By empowering adults to address the causes of behavior, Sound Discipline helps level the playing field for students from diverse backgrounds and environments. Sound Discipline reaches over 5,000 educators and parents each year, who, in turn, touch the lives of over 100,000 children.

Turnaround for Children, NY, USA

Description: Turnaround for Children strives to transform public education so that high-poverty schools across America are designed to confront the predictable and recurring challenges of poverty as they manifest inside schools. Turnaround has designed a targeted intervention to mitigate the impact of traumatic stress on child development. In each partner school, Turnaround creates a student support system, trains teachers in proven classroom management and instructional strategies, and works with school leaders to build a high-performing culture. This allows every child to develop the social, emotional, and academic skills to succeed in school and in life.

Schools: Turnaround is working in schools in New York City, New Jersey and Washington, DC. You can find a list here.

Ages: K-12

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I have worked with a number of schools in South Dakota as an ACEs trainer, but I need additional training in strategies, practices, systems etc. There is no budget to bring in trainers to our state, so I am looking for something that I can sign up for, and attend to help increase my capacity to support schools and teachers.  I did see that Saint A offers "train the trainer" tracks, which would be an option. Any other options out there? 

Any ideas? thanks so much!


Thank you for including the course I designed which references dozens of the sources so often associated with school-based trauma-informed approaches. I continue to see the course I authored 3 years ago being accessed by individual educators nationwide - which is a source of great fulfillment. I am in the process of designing a series of online courses (and welcome collaborators) to help ensure that educators and the school systems in which they serve will operate from what I call "Common Care" (ala, Common Core) principles. If anyone is interested in connecting on such a project then feel free to reach out to me directly at:   

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