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Privileged Thinking in Education Course Offered for Staff at Learn4Life

Teachers and staff at several northern Los Angeles County Learn4Life Resource Centers recently completed a Professional Development (PD) titled “Privileged Thinking in Education”. At this PD, staff learned that privileged thinking is defined as an imbalance of power, experience, and access to resources that influence our opinions on the actions of others. They also watched an eye-opening video, which showed how much privilege some have, without even realizing it.


The staff also analyzed how their own privilege affects the way they serve their students after watching clips from the documentary The Bad Kids. After each clip, the staff discussed in small groups what they learned from the clip, and then shared out to the group as a whole.


“Interaction and input was super helpful, and makes me think about how I can better empathize with my students,” said one teacher. 


Another teacher commented, “The clips, sharing in small group, and then large group share was powerful. I learned a lot about how best to speak to students and what some of my own privilege is. The videos were a real eye-opener.”

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