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Seeking Middle School and High School Students to Raise Awareness Around ACEs


We are looking for Middle School and High School student leaders for two new student-led initiatives with the 16 Strong Project. The 16 Strong Project is dedicated to empowering resilience to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) through educational workshops, school partnerships, student-led initiatives, and community outreach. By educating youth to be more trauma-informed in their actions and intent, we take a proactive approach to adolescent mental health. We aim to raise awareness and help young people develop tools and strategies to combat potential negative effects of facing adversity during childhood. We work to mobilize and empower the voices of youth in each and every one of our initiatives.

The time is now. Given the raging COVID-19 pandemic that has upended all of our lives, our youth are struggling. It is imperative that we engage and listen to students about their needs. We need to educate them on what it means to face adversity and more importantly, how we can overcome it and thrive despite that adversity. Arguably every single young person now has faced an adverse childhood experience, and we are calling on you to help us do something about it by sharing this unique opportunity, which can begin immediately in a virtual setting, to make a difference with your students.

The opportunities are as follows:

Starting an Every Voice Heard (EVH) Club chapter: EVH clubs offer a school wide approach to sharing messages about ACEs and mental health. These student led clubs are designed around values of empathy, growth, and collaboration with the goal of taking a proactive approach to mental health by learning about ACEs. As a school leader, you can encourage a group of students to begin a club or transform an existing one while serving as an advisor. If this is of interest to you, your students, or and youth you may know or be connected to, have students complete this form: Every Voice Heard Clubs Sign-Up Form.

Becoming a Student Ambassador: 16 Strong Student Ambassadors are part of a team of students who are dedicated to understanding adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and representing our mission in their schools and communities. Ambassadors will serve as student representatives for their peers. We are looking for middle and high school students who are eager to learn, willing to spread the word, and ready to change the world. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to complete an ACEs training, serve as a resource to their peers and classmates, organize events in their schools, participate in social media post campaigns, and more! Interested youth should fill out this interest form:  Ambassador Program Sign-Up Form.

Please forward this information to any youth that might be interested in learning about and promoting ACEs awareness in their schools and communities!

More information can also be found on our website:


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