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Shootings & Suicides Past the Tipping-Point: ACEs Epidemic & Declining Lifespans in US


I am writing from Broward county, Florida, the school district in which the MSD school shooting occurred and that gave rise to the March for Our Lives Movement sparked by our students. 

Mankind has developed solutions to deal with self-perpetuating waves and EPIDEMICS of BEHAVIORALLY TRANSMITTED Neuro-Toxic Stress, CPTSD Trauma & ACEs that cause FIXED-MINDSET reactive black and white Scarcity-based thinking to increase and spread across communities, whole populations and entire nations (Bloom, Sapolsky, Sirbola).

When a Tipping-Point is reached that signals an EPIDEMIC of Behaviorally-Transmitted Neuro-Toxic-Stress (Sirbola) is in progress the lifespans of the affected population will decrease (Fellitti). This is happening now in the United States and began 3 years ago (CDC).

The historical solution to EPIDEMICS of Complex PTSD Toxic-Stress has been religious-philosophy-based non-violence - in the case of Christianity to turn the other cheek and to Rise Above the limitations of Our Biology.

Biology is Culture. Science and Religion are in agreement in how to end this EPIDEMIC.

To end this EPIDEMIC of school shootings and suicides we must strive for an Abundance-based GROWTH-Mindset that is less reactive, more conscious, mindful, and forward-looking. This means increasing our collective and individual Sense of Community, SOC, and training all teachers in the philosophy of Zero-Punishment education as provided by

Doing this means to tamp-down those sources of the most intense "heat" in our combustible communities - to care for the weakest and most voiceless, for homeless women and children, the poor, sick and elderly, the incarcerated, addicted, discriminated against, abused and neglected.

Our Children have called out for us to END THE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS and VIOLENCE IN OUR SCHOOLS.

This means to remove the Trigger - to remove all Weapons of War from civilian hands (The 2cnd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right of States to bear arms against States, N-O-T Individuals against Individuals).

This means, most importantly - to remove the Finger from the Trigger - to FLIP our culture from being predominately FIXED-Mindset dominant to a more GROWTH-Mindset culture. This will be real, lasting change.

No school shooter ever walked into a school with a GUN and a GROWTH-Mindset. Period. 

To learn more: Watch the documentary, 'ONE NATION UNDER STRESS,' here -

#NeverAgain #FixIt #MSDstrong #MarchforOurLives #EnoughisEnough

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