Starting the School Year Optimally


So, the start of the school year is not easy for many students, especially those who have experienced or are experiencing trauma and stress and abuse.  And, for those who have experience Big T trauma (immigration issues; fires; floods), the beginning of the academic year may not be easy.  

I think we have, unfortunately, not recognized the many aspects that need to be considered on the first few days of school. Transitions are not easy and we tend to think that one day orientations, filling out paperwork and launching right into the new material and providing placement tests is good for all kids.  Not so.

It is for these reasons that I wrote this piece which appears in LINKEDIN and will be reprinted in other spots. Share it with teachers and if you are an educator, consider trying one of the provided strategies.  And, let us all know how they work --- for everyone.



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Hi, Karen:

Nice essay!

If you’re interested in posting the whole essay on ACEs Connection, we can include it in the Daily Digest and will clone to ACEs in Education.

If you decide to do so, feel free to link to your blog, LinkedIn page or web page at the end of the essay.

Cheers, Jane

Jane Stevens
Founder, publisher
ACEs = Adverse Childhood Experiences

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