Superkid Power Guidebook

In Southern Oregon, Janai Mestrovich, MS, Early Learning & Child Development, labels her curriculum Empowering Superkids. The focus is on pre-K and Kindergarten kids and teaching them to know her/himself and tap inner resources of mind/body/emotions/breathing and have skills to  make good choices and feel like a SUPERKID.  Teaching self awareness, self respect and communication/collaboration are essential towards resiliency.  

Janai has developed and taught the Superkid Guidebook over a 40 year period. The Guidebook has 52 topics. Sample lesson: Build the foundation for mindfulness and self-control by becoming aware of tension, where/how it feels and how to resolve via relaxation and deep belly breathing. Children with ACEs suffer from external circumstances leaving them feel victimized with no self help skill empowerment.  Understanding the state of changes internally that can be self-controlled reduces self-victimization and builds strength of character not dependent on external circumstances.

See attached testimonials along with teacher/student/parent comments for results.

The Superkid Power Guidebook is available on Amazon. Go to: to access and view other material available.


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