Syrian children to be taught Turkish at schools: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative

September 18 2019 

In 2017, the Istanbul-based organization Maya Foundation (“Maya Vakfı” in Turkish), in collaboration with the Education Ministry, launched the Trauma-Informed Schools project, in an aim to help children and train teachers to spots the signs of trauma and learn how to help those affected. As part of the project, so far, 1,055 teachers across 20 schools in Turkey have received training....

Many teachers were quoted as saying by the report that after receiving the relevant training, they have become much more aware on how war-related traumatic experiences can affect a child’s learning ability and lead to academic failures.

“Following the teacher-training, 96 percent of the teachers said that the training had increased their knowledge and abilities on understanding trauma. Nine out of 10 teachers said that they had become more equipped in providing a more nourishing education environment to the children,” an academic from Istanbul Gedik University’s psychology department said, regarding the report’s results.

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