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Take a Guided Tour of Our New πŸ”§ Toolbox for Whole-Child Design (webinar) []


Take a Guided Tour of Our New πŸ”§ Toolbox for Whole-Child Design

2021-04-12 (2)

2021-04-12 (3)

Educators across the nation are navigating the return to in-person instruction and making a commitment to rebuild in new ways. Teachers, staff, leaders, parents, and caregivers are asking important questions: What will it take to address the unevenness of learning opportunities, which has only been exacerbated over the past year? How can we use this moment to redesign schools for equity?

In this webinar, learn how to jump in and begin designing holistic, equitable learning experiences for students using the new, free Turnaround for Children Toolbox.

Hosted directly by educators from Turnaround’s staff, get an in-person introduction to featured resources from the Toolbox that you can use right away and learn how to get started using a whole-child design in your own practice.

Join us!

April 29, 1-2 p.m. Eastern

(Recording available on-demand following the presentation)



MenSa Ankh Maa
Partnership Director

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Heidi Reed
Director, Professional Learning

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Laura Sikes
Director, Content Design

2021-04-12 (3)


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