Teacher's Guide to Trauma


This excellent book is part story and part 20-step manual for creating trauma informed schools and classrooms.  I have had the honor and challenge of raising a traumatized child.  In addition, I have spent my career in education, as a special education teacher, principal of a public school, principal of an alternative placement school for children with behavioral challenges, and currently as a special education director, confronted with the challenges of educating children with trauma histories.  This book details my son's journey through education and provides specific information and strategies for use with children with trauma in schools.  

To order a book - go to www.traumasensitive.com and fill out an order form. 

An order form is also attached to this post.

Payment can be by check, Purchase order, paypal, or venmo.

Discounts are negotiated for bulk orders of 20 or more.  Send me a message or an email to arrange for bulk orders.



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