Training course: Building Resilience and Challenging Systemic Racism


The Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) is here to help you gain the skills necessary to change your community and the world. 

We will be offering a three-day training course June 10 - 12, 2019, taught by Dr. Ram Bhagat, related to challenging the status quo in the education system that allows systemic racism to flourish.  Course details are:

The framework for Building Resilience for Challenging Systemic Racism is grounded in Restorative Justice theory, values, and praxis. This three day course examines the demography of school discipline along with the impact of school suspensions on incarceration rates. BRCSR also examines culturally responsive mindfulness programs for school and community environments. BRCSR incorporates healing and peacemaking circle processes, which encourage participants to unpack historical harms and address root causes of racial injustice. This course empowers participants to fully engage in open and honest dialogue, (truth telling), about structural racism and oppression in the United States, that permeates social policies and is embedded in the American educational system. Participants will help construct a safe and brave space, where they can tap into their creative-self and collective wisdom, through drumming, dance, drama, and dialogue. As practitioners involved in restorative justice and peacebuilding, we will explore culturally responsive approaches for building resilience to systemic and traumagenic effects of racism.

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