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Trauma Informed Coaching for Schools is available from any location

Hello fellow educators!

I wanted to let you know that I will have Trauma Informed Coaching available for your schools. I have been studying Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) for the past 15 years, both for myself and the students and families with which I provide services. From working in homes to childcare and schools as well as for Mental Health Agencies I understand the impact of Trauma on development and learning. The impact shows up in so many ways it is hard to describe.

By engaging in individual and group coaching you and your teams can explore T(t)rauma, ACES and Toxic Stress and how they impact you, your administration, teachers and staff and community.

There are many ways to become Trauma-Informed, but the most efficient and effective way is to do your own self-exploration and then understand your students. It is inevitable that you will have a student with significant challenges in your family, neighborhood or school. By understanding the why behind the behavior you will grow to have a more empathetic relationship with others and healing can happen right before your eyes.

Building HEALTHY relationships within a school culture takes time. Coaching provides a process where that can happen safely and openly. Using guidelines developed by the group, self-empowerment is gained and meaningful action can be planned.

Accountability is key, and a lack of follow-through is often the result of a system impacted by Toxic Stress. (Stay tuned for more information about Toxic Stress in the School Setting.) In the meantime, you can join my Introduction to Coaching on June 19th at no charge. Together we will meet on Zoom and discuss how coaching works and some of the offerings I have available this summer. I look forward to seeing you there so we can engage in the journey of co-creating change and healing trauma!

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