We need trauma sensitive schools in Pakistan

By Kanwal Tariq - The Express Tribune - Pakistan
Published: August 2, 2016

Trauma is an umbrella term for stress, which continues beyond one’s ability to cope. While interest in adult trauma has comparatively spiked, strategies to deal with stress and trauma in children are yet to be developed. Without proper means to address this trauma, we will remain powerless in helping affected children.

In Pakistan, a leading cause of childhood trauma is poverty. Increasing violence in society and use of addictive substances by parents may also cause psychological damage over time. Traumatic stress in children also extends to their personal experiences, such as physical or sexual abuse, bullying and neglect. Experiences of serious injuries and death of loved ones can put a child under stress, making them believe they are vulnerable to further injuries or, in severe cases, death, turning ‘danger’ into trauma. The reason why we fail to get across to such children is that we only use tried and trusted teaching methods, instead of adopting an altogether different approach.

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