When Teachers Can’t Afford to Live in Their District: New Analysis Shows Skyrocketing Housing Costs Clashing With Stagnant Salaries [the74million.org]


Teachers across the country are being priced out of local housing markets by low pay, according to a new analysis of 124 of America’s largest districts by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Three key findings:

  • In 80 percent of the districts analyzed, a teacher with a master’s degree and five years of experience cannot comfortably afford a mortgage.
  • More than a quarter of new teachers cannot afford to rent one-bedroom apartments where they work.
  • Teachers must save for an average of 10 years to make a reasonable down payment on a house, though the time varies wildly from district to district.

[For more on this story by LAURA FAY, go to https://www.the74million.org/w...h-stagnant-salaries/]

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